Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fasting for a day can be done

"When you feel good,
you look good"  
~ Fasting day ~

Today is a day of fasting, in other words we are not allowed to eat anything at all, just drink plenty of water and tea. We are asked to do this for two reasons:

1. Nutritional experience

Fasting is a nutritional practice that's been around for thousands of years...and has been practiced for a host of reasons, from religious to weight control.

There are even new books out suggesting that intermittent fasting (fasting one or two days every week) might be a good strategy for weight control.

2. To learn about hunger

It's important to learn about physiological hunger.
Many of us no longer recognize the difference between psychological hunger (which often comes from boredom, the need for an emotional pacifier, etc) and physiological hunger (the body's actual need for food).

The only way to really experience true physiological hunger -- to tease it out from the background noise -- is to fast for an entire day.

In other words, today, I'll learn what it feels like when I'm legitimately hungry.

I started out my day by eating a normal porridge breakfast and from then on I haven't eaten anything. I've drank about 4 liters water today and 5 cups of green tea, however the day is not over yet.

My first hunger struck me at around 2 1/2 hours after breakfast. So I drank my 1st 1l water bottle empty. Then I lost my thoughts in work and the 2nd time hunger snuck on me around 15.30 in the afternoon, which was about 5h from the last time I ate. Then I forgot the hunger again as I carried on with work and kept drinking my green tea until it crawled back around 18.00 when I went out for a light jog/walk with a friend.

Not once during the day have I felt that I can't do this. But now sitting at home waiting for bedtime I'm trying hard not to think about FOOD. I'm still sipping my green tea, trying not to think of food, which I'm obviously not being able to do as I'm writing here about it.

However it has been an interesting experience and I'm sure tomorrow will carry out to be further more interesting as after waking up I have to wait a while until I can eat..to around 11 in the morning.

What is important after such a fast is that the next time you eat, you don't over eat. One has to try to eat as normally as possible. I'm at least interested to see what my body feels like tomorrow and what the scale shows! hehe

Until next time,

- Sara

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